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Location of Textures and Materials

Charles Freeborn

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Apologies in advance for the rookie question -

Since upgrading to 8.0.2 the materials and textures do not appear in the materials palette. They seem to have been left behind in the old application folder. What is their proper location so they are available?

Also, since the upgrade, all my keyboard shortcuts are missing, including system wide ones ( save, print, etc)



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Hi Charles,


Your folder structure should look like this (as it does in the original Disk Image shown below):




If you have things moved to other locations, it will probably be easiest if you delete what you have, go to the email that you received with your Registration Code, and click the Download Link once more.


Once the Disk Image Mounts, just drag the formZ 8 folder into the alias to your Applications Folder, open the Applications Folder: formZ 8 folder, and launch formZ.


Does that help?

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It was a v7 .sct file, but it came from a v6 one, and likely got scrambled along the way. There seem to be conflicts with system keyboard commands, which I can't seem to find or change.

One more keyboard question. Can F•Z recognize keyboard layouts other than QWERTY? I use a DVORAK layout for most things. 


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