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  1. wjo53

    Support@formz.com not respoding emails

    I sent one on the weekend re: licensing issue, but haven't heard back yet. I assume they're busy...will try another email.
  2. wjo53

    FBX import doesn't

    I've tried numerous times to import an FBX out of Revit LT. I get a 'Program Exception: Access Violation' error. Every time. It's been reported, debug info sent different times. Maxwell Studio ust imports the object without error.
  3. wjo53

    We are looking for some private testers.

    Any news on this? Last post was April 1... I've sent a couple of emails to the address in first post, but there's been no response. John
  4. wjo53

    Sensitive input fields

    At the risk of raising someone's blood pressure, PLEASE get this problem resolved beyond a temporary band-aid solution. It happens to me on BOTH desktop, and Laptop, has happened across versions, and changing the delay doesn't save with the file. I was working in a file this morning on the laptop, had it set to a higher than default number, saved the file, opened it from the desktop and the file is back to 1 second.
  5. wjo53

    Animated clipping plane

    Hadn't thought of a capture program. I may try that route. Thanks. John
  6. Is it possible to export a sequence of images generated from hitting Play on the Clipping Planes palette? Or does it take more setup than that?
  7. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    I'll give it a shot...
  8. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    Ok, so no more big screen grabs. :-) Pre / Post shots.
  9. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    VP 1 - default VP 2 - resized
  10. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    These are grabs from the max'd (full screen) display. max 1 - as created max 2 - proj window resized max difference - overlayed in PS with 2nd layer set to difference blending mode.
  11. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    No, that's what I meant by trying it full screen.
  12. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    Had to check that one. Tried it 2 ways, one with the formZ window full screen, one windowed down a bit. in neither option does the project window display on the 2nd monitor, BUT it Does appear that a portion of the right side proj window is covered by the main application window. Does that make sense? When it's dragged back, just a bit, the project window border appears, and scaling snaps back to correct display. It only occurs when creating a new file. Re-opening an existing file displays correctly.
  13. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    Use Defaults is checked.
  14. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    You'll need to help me how to determine the first answer - where do I find this? First monitor is 2560x1440, second 1920x1080. Both at recommended.
  15. wjo53

    graphic anomaly

    Geforce GTX 760, driver 358.91 (11/9/15) John