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Inspector Attribute issue


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I've noticed an issue when I have an object selected and then I create a new layer in the layers palette, if I go to the Inspector: Attribute panel I cannot select the new layer to assign it to the object without deselecting and then reselecting the object. Seems like a small issue, but it annoyingly does disrupt workflow particularly if you have lots of objects selected in a complex scene. Seems like a bug. Is anyone else having this problem or have a quicker work around then deselecting and the reselecting? 

FormZ v9.2.4 / Mac OS 12.6.3

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I find the Inspector palette in v9 far inferior to the way it was in v8, so I use it as little as possible.  Hopefully it will be updated, as it has many bugs currently.

I use L as a shortcut for the Layer tool, and can quickly assign objects to layers that way.  I honestly didn't even think about using the inspector palette to do it until you mentioned it.

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