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Exporting to STL.

Charles Freeborn

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A friend recently has added a CNC router to his arsenal. I've been invited to make the occasional (guitar) part on it. Yay. The final format for tool paths is VCarve

So I started off with a very simple part - a radius dish to see how F•Z exports behave, and to say the least - not very well. What should have been a smooth radius (I generated the object with a boolean difference operation) resulted in a sort of clover leaf shaped indentation.

My best guess is either I did not have resolutions set correctly when I generated the object or there were export settings that were too coarse or improper.

Does anyone here have experience with using F•Z to generate files for use in CNC manufacturing?

Many thanks.


Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 10.10.05 AM.png

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Hi Charles,

inam using FZ to send stl files to Vectric Aspire. I do exactly what Run time suggests and it does make a difference.  You can even mess around by going into the advance part of the display resolution window and providing your own spec’s.  But I am not sure this is necessary, just fun. 

good luck and happy cncing.

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Forgot to mention that if you are importing your stl files into Vectric software.  It helps that when you create a new file in the Vectric software that you hold the Shift key down.  This will enable you to select up to Maximum 50 Modeling Resolution.  I doubt that you would need that high a resolution.  The Very High should work okay.

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 9.26.20 AM.png

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