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formZ / Kaspersky


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I'm having some real issues with formZ and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015,


Upon starting formZ, the program takes 1-2 minutes to load to the point where you can actually attempt using it.  Extrude a simple rectangle, and editting is not a smooth operation, very jerky movements.  Closing the program takes a similar amount of time as starting.


If I disable KasIS, and load formZ, it starts, loads as it should, very quickly, and editting is very smooth.  Exitting the program is quick.  If I disable KasIS, and use it (formZ), and then re-enable KasIS, formZ still responds as it should.  If I reboot, I'm back to square one.


I've looked in the Kaspersky settings, and have allowed everything that I can see that relates to formZ, and the problem persists.


Can anyone offer me some relief please?






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Hi John,


We are not sure why Kaspersky would cause these delays, but perhaps they have an option to exclude formZ from their scanning?


You will probably get the best / fastest response if you contact their tech support directly, or post the same question on their forum.


If they need any help from us, please have them contact us directly, we would be glad to help (but most likely just putting formZ on the exclusion list for now should solve the issue).

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