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Coordinates, Reset to Zero Button

AHDD Designer

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Some time ago I already posted this suggestion.
Since I still miss this in my daily work, I will take the liberty of mentioning it again:

I would like to have a button near the coordinate input fields with which all values can be reset to zero at once.
The reason: My left hand is on the 3d mouse, my right hand is on the normal mouse.
When designing quickly, there is regularly the moment when, for example, a circle should be at absolute zero.
I have marked a possible place for the function with the red arrow.

While I am on the subject:
I would appreciate it if the typo of the coordinates were vertically centred in the field.
I have marked this with the blue arrow.


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I like the idea of having a way to lock at the same time all the ordinates to 0.

Having a button could be an option, but I like more the idea of a shortcut, the same way it works Reset Relative Base Point when drawing.

Plus, the option to keep the ordinates frozen until you want, independently of the cursor movements, and, on top of that, the possibility to set any ordinates you like to lock, not just 0,0,0.

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