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We need the Twinmotion Datasmith Direct Link function

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Using Twinmotion as the final compositor for a project seems to be popular for other users.  I'm not there yet, as we really NEED the Datasmith Direct Link function for this to really work well.  Exporting from FormZ works, but when we are able to continue working on the project in FormZ and have it automatically sync in Twinmotion with a single click, then Twinmotion will become much more viable. 

The newest release (2022.1) can even use Direct Link files from multiple applications (Datasmith Multi-sync)!  Now things are getting interesting.  You can start to really use each programs strengths, and avoid their weaknesses by using a different application for the best purpose, but still combine it all in Twinmotion for rendering and animation.  If you have struggled with 'outside' geometry in FormZ, then you know how huge this could be for those projects that need those imported 3d models for the final scene.

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The pain points of bringing outside geometry into FormZ are daily for me. I'd love to be able to switch between applications throughout a project and bring in outside geometry into an environment that works more smoothly.

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