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FormZ/dynamo/revit - SAT format fro FZfree ?


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I have been doing some work with FZ to dynamo/revit, and FZ does a great job exporting ACIS/SAT/DWG files for that purpose.

My skills in revit are very limited, and it really is a pain to do even basic modeling there. (that is , for me...)

That said I think FZ could have a potential use for revit customers, and I was wondering if it might be a smart move to add ACIS/SAT V7 import/export to FZfree.

Revit can make use of V7 SAT files (and FZ is even mentioned on their homepage😲)

Note: Revit imports ACIS ® solids from SAT ® files. SAT file formats later than version 7.0 do not import into Revit. Determine which version your solid modeling program creates. Some solid modeling products (such as form-Z ®) create SAT file formats later than version 7.0 by default.

Revit users/offices already spend approx. 300$ per month and seat, so maybe the hurdle to then buy Jr. or Pro is not as high.

The revit user base is huge and maybe that way FZ could start to connect to the world of BIM-users somehow (at least before .rfc file format etc. come into FZ). 

(or maybe at least step into competition with sketchup importing into revit...)

I know FZs team is maintaining 6 different versions now (Pro/Jn./Free, for WIN and Osx) and this is of course not meant to cannibalize any given logic within that. Just a thought.



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