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Rotate Tool Options_Add Toggle Parallel/Perpendicular to Reference Plane


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I'd like to suggest that an option to toggle between 445953067_ToolOptions-RotateToggleParallel-PerpendiculartoReferencePlane.jpg.b9b88a5d0d7447026107e011ef90f995.jpg the Tool Options - Rotate dialog. 

There is the option to rotate relative to the Reference Plane. This has three sub-options: Click Point, Object Centroid, Object Origin. I agree that this may be useful in some instances.  It would also be quite useful if a toggle between Parallel/Perpendicular to Reference Plane was available perhaps as an option within the Relative to the Reference Plane area of the Tool Options. 409692775_ToolOptions-RotateRelativetoReferencePlane.jpg.e96a0b510d720753e308f9bf9078fd20.jpg


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Now it will rotate with the axis perpendicular to the ref plane with the axis through CP, OC, and OO.         How would it act if you chose parallel?  An Axis parallel to a plane can have an infinite number of possibilities.

Could you clarify?



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Hi Chris, It's probably my lack of understanding how one can rotate with the axis perpendicular to the reference plane through the CP, OC, or OO. I thought those axii were the objects axii which can be different from the coordinate system one is using.

Secondly, I've incorrectly suggested toggling between perpendicular and parallel to the reference plane. Don't know what I was thinking.

What I was envisioning was to be able with a Tap key to rotate the circular compass (I forget the term for that widget) so it re-orientated perpendicular to the active reference plane if desired.  I believe SketchUp has that capability.

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Thanks for clarifying!  that helps!

The API isn’t quite complete yet, (though I haven’t looked into this particular challenge with it). I don’t see why, at least eventually, that this couldn’t be accomplished through it.  

I hope to make a tool that will allow one to rotate around an arbitrary axis, similar to how the resolve tool does.  Been ages since I have done that kind of math, however.  Don’t expect it soon.



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