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Object 360 + V-Ray broken?


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Jaakko, did you find a work around for this?

I have a scene that renders correctly in Shaded Full, but messes the view up in Renderzone only showing the top half of the image. The bottom isn't blank, it's cropped off as if the view was adjusted.

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Thanks, Jaako.

I emailed Brandon, and he said PNG was working with Renderzone in his test, but not JPG which is what I was rendering. PNG creates the same result of a missing bottom half/error in camera view for me.

It feels similar to the errors I have gotten in the past when geometry is corrupt or an image map is either smaller than 70k or an unsupported format like CMYK or progressive JPG.

Bummer. What was once a novel "toy" for presentations would be incredibly useful right now for a project.

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