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Maxwell for formZ Public Release


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Hello Maxwell 4 customers,

There has been a public update to Maxwell 4 for formZ. Please log into the Maxwell Render customer portal, and download the latest version of Maxwell 4 for formZ: It contains many important fixes, improved GPU rendering stability, and GPU rendering on OSX (Nvidia graphics card required).

Plugin Changes:

  • Update to Maxwell Engine
  • OSX GPU Rendering Supported (requires Nvidia graphics card and CUDA Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mac-driver-archive.html )
  • Material hints are now updated to the most current version automatically. (Manual updating is still available; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> System Settings. The material hint version for a given project can be changed at any time; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> Project Settings.)

Plugin Fixes:

  • Fixed issues loading projects with Object Modifiers (OSX formZ 8.0.2 only)
  • Reassigning material to objects while plugin Fire GPU is running no longer leads to crash
  • Copying objects while plugin Fire GPU is running now displays properly
  • Fixed Package for Renderfarm / Create MXS tool only functioning on first use
  • Windows Installer + Uninstaller improvements
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