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Maxwell logo instead of material preview.

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Usually with in a project when I select a material from Maxwell library(referenced mxm)  to up load, I will get a preview of the material before selecting it, that helps to tell what it is.


But there are times instead of material preview I will get Maxwell’s logo that makes it hard to let what the material looks like even though after it opens in Formz material palettes it is visible.


Can any one tell me this is a common thing and is there a fix for it.

Last time it happened it eventually went away, I don’t know how but now is back again. 

I even reboot the computer several times, still not working. 


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Older operating system was the problem.


As soon as I upgraded to MacOS 10.12.4

I am able to see Image of materials in preview Maxwell material window instead of just Maxwell logo.   




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