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Version 8.0 Bugs


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Working on Windows Desktop & Surface Pro 3


On Both devices

1. materials Pallet - Grouping materials - doesn't allow me to rename the Group easily. Can you give right click capability  to rename perhaps. Now when I click it, it takes many attempts to allow to rename or doesn't work at all.


2.Custom palettes are not saving properly. They keep going back to unusual palette locations when I have multiple monitors activated. Surface works great with Jr. interface by the way, but hassle that I have to rejig all my palettes when I put in docking station with two monitors attached.



On Desktop PC

1. Often but not always - when I open a file it will appear as dark screen with no lines visible..  I have to close file and re-open program then things will appear as normal . - is this bug or shall I re-install or other solution?







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Hi Gwyn,


1.  Yes, currently you need to be in List View to be able to easily rename Material Groups.  Does that work for you?  (We will see if we can add a context menu for the icon views for renaming for the future.)


2.  It is recommended to quit formZ before connecting or disconnecting monitors.  If you do this, does that work better for you?  (If not, can you please send an email to support@formz.com with a before and after screen capture of what you want, and what you are getting so we can see what you are describing.)


3.  This sounds like an issue with the video driver.  If you download the current driver from the manufacturer of the card, and install this, does that solve the issue for you?

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Thanks Support

1. It is in List view that the problem exists - I was being impatient. There is a lag if you click the group nothing happens for 2 seconds then it finally allows an edit. During the two seconds I was madly clicking to no avail. Looks like if you do it slowly it works. Still a bug but only minor and adding context menu would fix it further.


2. I'll send support screen captures when I have a minute!

3. Will have my IT group update driver and see if that helps

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