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Alan Cooper

Does mobile viewer work for FZ files produced on pc?

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I assumed they would but my files are not viewable on my new second hand IPAD air 2. I can view the sample model files fine but not the files I emailed for download or sent to google drive. I am unfamiliar with Ipads. Where in a file manager can I find where the sample files are located so that I can place my own FZ files there as well. Maybe it will work if they are in the same place the viewer expects to find them, but I suspect the file extension is all that's important and the viewer should kick in wherever an FZ file is clicked regardless of location? As a windows 7 and android user file locations on the IPAD is still a mystery.

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Hi Alan,


There should not be any issues with files made on a PC, but as noted there can be issues with Google Drive.  If you upload your files a different way, does that work better for you?

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Thanks Tech. 

I sent the file to dropbox and was successful on the ipad by selecting export which offered the option to export it to the FormZ app.


It works very impressively.


One more feature which would be nice would be to unlock groups and get a popup displaying the name of a selected part for identification [like you can on the computer] when comparing against our cutlist.


We will find the app very useful, thanks.

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