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Points placement bug

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Dear Anton,


In our file, this is only snapping to a single intersection location:




Intersection Snap.zip


NOTE that the snapped location appears to be "slightly off" of the curved lines.  This is because it is snapping to the exact mathematical definition of the curvature of the lines, whereas the Display Resolution controls the Facetted Representation (and thus the approximation of the Wire Frame or Shaded view Display modes).  Increasing the Display Mode will make the approximation closer and closer -- but the actual snap location should always be exact.


Do you reproduce the issue that you show with our file?


In general, posting a FMZ file will be much more helpful than posting a video.  If you don't reproduce this with our file but you do reproduce it with a different one (or different settings than are active with the file we posted), please save, zip, and post the FMZ file so we can investigate this further.

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