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Anybody used Zmapping DWGs

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Anybody used any of the zmapping surveys or similar as a base for architectural visualising? I've got one of their surveys as a .dwg - most of the geometry is there but there's a few missing faces and bits to fix.


Any top tips for importing?

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Hi Bluemonkey,


There shouldn't be any special tricks necessary.  In general I typically just import with the default options (with Construct Solids and Join Coplanar faces off -- and only enable those options when they are specifically necessary to the file).


If you find there are missing objects in formZ but not in another program, copy those objects to their own project in the other program and export those by themselves.  If they still fail to appear when importing into formZ, you can send that simple file with the problem objects to us, and we will see what we can do to help...

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