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  1. bluemonkey

    Animation troubles

    I haven't looked at your file but It sounds as if you need to animate your camera along 2 paths - one for the eye and one for the COI. http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip45.html Or animate from views using the animate entities tool Does this help. There are other youtube tutorials for this but can't find any at the moment.
  2. bluemonkey

    NOOB animation question

    Find the spline in the objects pallet and make invisible (it's probably ghosted at the moment) - make a separate folder or layer to keep this and any others in - don't delete it, just make them invisible.
  3. bluemonkey

    formZ models exchange site!

    Thanks Anton for setting up this resource - I have looked at a few times and even downloaded a few models - unfortunately I didn't use them in the final designs. Is there anyway Tech could pin this thread to make it easier to find the site. Or give it some other kind of prominence? Last time I used it I had to search back through stuff to find it. This could become an even better resource for users if new users knew it was there. Thanks Anton for adding to our great community!
  4. bluemonkey

    editing lines

    Have you tried: Using pick tool pick object to be edited. Go to tool 'options' pallet and choose 'show controls' The turn off 'show controls' when you have finished Is this what you were looking for?
  5. Just thought I'd try to see how my current setup was doing Previous FormZ 7 (build 8923) 13:35 Xeon 3.5 Ghz 2013 MacPro 6 Core OSX 10.9.5 Current FormZ 8.5.4 (build 9837) 10:46 Xeon 3.5 Ghz 2013 MacPro 6 Core OSX 10.11.12 I've been holding off upgrading to the latest 8.5 build until I've got a few projects out of the way
  6. bluemonkey

    Non Planar Face

    Maybe I'm looking at this problem wrong but surely the problem is that you drew just an open arc and not a closed shape. Draw the rectangular 2D shape as you did and extrude. Then draw the 2D straight edge along the base of the arc and switch to the arc tool as Des says until you get the closed symbol. Then extrude. Or draw the outline of the complete shape then extrude. Then on the top face of the extrusion draw a 2d line from one edge of the extruded arc to the next and use the imprint tool to add this line to the top surface. Use reshape tool to push-pull as required.
  7. bluemonkey

    360º Renders

    Have you tried the cubic render option on render zone? Go to 'display' menu > 'render cubic panorama'. You can than view this with the bit of code in a web browser. You need something like 'tour weaver' or 'pano2VR' to add hotspots etc. and get the most out of it. Have tried this and got good results after a bit of internet research.
  8. bluemonkey

    importing studio max

    I know it's a long shot, but any suggestions would be welcome. I've got a chair I want to import into a scene but it's only available in .max format not .3ds. I thought of downloading a demo of 3dsmax but it doesn't run on a mac (and I'm not sure if the demo allows you to export anyway?) Any suggestions for a workaround?
  9. bluemonkey

    importing studio max

    Unfortunately not and looking at the web site I now have to sign up, create an account and give them all my credit card details, just to download a demo. I think I'll give this a miss and look for an alternative.
  10. bluemonkey

    Pub design and rendering

    Very nice Anton! As usual very nice design and renders. You seem to be forging ahead using Thea with FormZ - would love to see you do some getting started tutorial or lighting set up advice thread. On a purely interior/design point - the big white wall on the left is screaming out for something on it. Is there something graphic you could use to build on the brand. A 80cm x 200cm mural that expands on the logo/name? or a series of small framed pictures 20cm x 20cm that run in a horizontal line? something either horizontal or vertical that helps give the room a bit more scale/shape.
  11. bluemonkey

    VR Modeling Environment

    I did some work modelling in FormZ and exporting to Unity for Oculus about 6 months ago and everything worked fine. There was a bit of work to do with textures etc. in Unity but that was to be expected. There are still some improvements that could be made to exporting. As much as we would like it to, it's very difficult to export from one program to another seamlessly. I would find a series of export/import 2 minute tutorials between different software a real help. I know there are bits and pieces in the forums but I always find them difficult to find, and I might not use it again for 6 months. A simple 2 minute video of: FormZ to Cinema4D, Sketchup to FormZ, Etc.
  12. bluemonkey

    FormZ Training in the UK

    Where are you in the UK? I can recommend Stephen at Cadschool - he's a very nice guy and occasionally pops up here. http://www.cadschool.co.uk
  13. bluemonkey

    Future of Formz

    I agree that import/export compatibility is the key. If Fmz can make the import export options even easier and more robust it opens up more libraries of pre existing components and the ability to work with other colleagues. Most people don't use one single bit of software for their daily work, but a selection of the best tools. The better you can help to make these tools work reliably together the more chance of people adding FmZ to their tool box. FmZ has some great modelling tools that would be of use to many people if they could swap around with other software easily.
  14. As a mac user I would buy the fastest iMac you can get hold of. Although you want a machine that will last you a while it's very difficult to anticipate what the future of computing will bring. I have a 6 core 2013 'trashcan' Mac Pro that i love and does a great job, but it's not the ultimate cad/3d machine. There is uncertainty as to what will happen with the mac pro (there has been much debate on Architosh.com about this subject). There are 2 factors to consider: when modelling you are using 1 core of your computer, when you are rendering you can use all the cores. The obvious recommendation is to get the fastest quad core processor possible. Also if you are thinking of using Thea or other similar rendering engines a NVIDEA video card can be a benefit. My recommendation would be buy the fastest quad core iMac or PC you can get with an NVidea card, see how you get on. Later, if you need more rendering capacity use any spare cash to get a 2nd machine (mac or PC) to add to a network for extra rendering. Its very difficult to anticipate the future so buy for today.
  15. bluemonkey

    FormZ -> Maya

    I've had moderate success using .FBX. Or using other formats e.g. DAE and then converting them to .FBX using the free Autodesk 'FBX Converter' or the 'FBX Review' applications before importing them into Maya.
  16. bluemonkey

    FormZ courses anywhere?

    I personally think a short personal tuition can give you a very quick boost, and get you going very fast. Especially if you are interested in a particular topic that isn't usually covered. One days tuition can give you a great start into a new software package, which you can follow up with video tutorials etc. I was very fortunate to have a couple of days with Stephen at Cadschool here in the UK many years ago and it got me going much faster than if I had just done tutorials by myself.
  17. bluemonkey

    form•Z 8.5.4 Update Released!

    "- RenderZone performance has been improved on OS X to be consistent with previous versions" ​Render zone speed test is now rendering in times I would expect to achieve. FormZ 8.5.3 on OSX 10.11.2 was four or five times slower than FormZ 7 on previous OSX. Thanks for fixing it guys!
  18. bluemonkey

    best way to create a 360 view for online viewing

    Spherical Panoramas are sometimes called cubic panoramas - from display menu pick 'cubic panorama' To add hotspots/navigation etc. you need extra software - e.g. pano2VR, tour weaver. It's very easy to then add into your web pages - (either flash or HTML5 - or both)
  19. bluemonkey

    VR Thoughts and Suggestions

    The more I read Bo's original post the more I'm intrigued by the original suggestion and application - not sure how I would use it - but would love to learn more about what he would use it for. Can you show us a typical example? or explain in a bit more depth.
  20. bluemonkey

    VR Thoughts and Suggestions

    The more I read Bo's original post the more I'm intrigued by the original suggestion and application - not sure how I would use it - but would love to learn more about what he would use it for. Can you show us a typical example? or explain in a bit more depth.
  21. bluemonkey

    VR Thoughts and Suggestions

    I've done a bit of experimenting with Unity and Oculus and the results have been good. The hardest part is getting the model into Unity with textures intact and as you want them, and lighting is very hard to get your head round. In Unity you can produce a VR experience (oculus and others) or a 3D navigational space (iPad, smartphone etc). The depth of Unity can be intimidating and the programming can put a lot of people off but people used to complain that FormZ had a steep learning curve - and we all got there in the end. Once your model is in it's very easy to set up a first person cameras etc. If you want to produce something more than just a prerecorded route you need to think about colliders/interactivity/buttons and this is where you need to use something like Unity, not modelling software - this is why autodesk are doing this with exporters via stingray not as part of their modelling software. Some people feel more dizzy than others, a lot of this is down to controlling the speed of the experience (not too fast, not too slow - don't just use the default settings) and optimising the model/lighting/rendering etc. to reduce lag and keeping the experience as responsive as possible. It would be great if there was a cut down version of Unity/others or some simple templates and tutorials just for Architectural/Product visualising with lots of presets/wizards etc (as most of the stuff in Unity/Stingray etc is much more than required). Getting stated and finding tutorials is difficult, lighting and texturing is confusing but the rewards are great!
  22. bluemonkey

    VR Thoughts and Suggestions

    If there was even better integration with something like unity would be great. It's much better at presenting stuff than any modelling software could and you can publish your content to many different formats (including Oculus Rift etc.) The FBX export was a huge step in the right direction and if this could be improved it would only make things better. More and better integration and export with other software has to be the best solution. FormZ is a great modeller, and the rendering situation should improve soon when Thea and Vray are available to us all - I would prefer it stays that way rather than trying to be everything to everyone. I agree the augment subscription is a bind, I signed up to the 30 day trial but haven't had chance to try it out yet, so I'm guessing my subscription will expire soon.
  23. bluemonkey

    performance test Comments

    Update: So Earlier I noted the following test times: Using a Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 2013 6 core - V7 on OSX 10.9.5 - time 13:35 - V8.5 on OSX 10.9.5 - time 16:40 - V8.5 on OSX 10.11.2 - time 16:53 So I upgraded to 8.5.3 - v8.5.3 on OSX 10.11.2 - time 35 mins and I'm only up to scanline 1100 of 3300? - Is there something wrong with my render zone ?
  24. bluemonkey

    Anybody used Zmapping DWGs

    Thanks for your usual prompt response Tech!
  25. bluemonkey

    Anybody used Zmapping DWGs

    Anybody used any of the zmapping surveys or similar as a base for architectural visualising? I've got one of their surveys as a .dwg - most of the geometry is there but there's a few missing faces and bits to fix. Any top tips for importing?