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Some Thea for FormZ


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Nice.  The GTX 770 is a good card.  


Comparing the Octane Render Benchmark tests, you could cut your GTX 770 rendering times by more than half using a single GTX 980ti. - https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/results.php?sort_by=avg&filter=&singleGPU=1


Or you could grab (2) GTX 970's and cut your rendering times by 3 times as much!  - https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/summary_detail_item.php?systemID=2x+GTX+970


Just some food for thought.  Upgrading GPUs is so cheap and easy.  While Octane is not Thea, the results should still be comparable as a GPU accelerated renderer, one would think.


I can't wait to finally get my hands on Thea for FormZ.

 Yes I believe it is going to make sense to add second card as soon as I`ll get final TfFZ. Fortunately my system allows that. At least movies would be done in real time.  

 I myself is waiting for a new build where disappearing material properties bug will be fixed. So I won`t have to reset all the materials as soon as I closed and reopen my file. Little annoying huh?


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Any more updates on how this is going? Any more teasers?


Looking forward to trying this and Vray plugins.

Hello bluemonkey.

hope it is going well. We had a meeting recently and hope there will be another beta l release with some our suggestions implemented. And hope it is going to be prefinal. For now there is  a huge difference in what we saw in a beginning.

 Actually you may see another teaser in my next post here at Tutorials by Users.


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Thanks for the update Anton, I'm looking forward to this.


I did had little play with Thea studio demo a few years ago but didn't immediately gel with it and didn't have much time to get to grips with it.


I'm hoping that the plug-in will obviously make working a lot more immediate and also there will be some quick start tutorials and 'wizards' to get us working with it quickly!

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