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Batch SaveAs formZ Files to current version (7, 8.5).


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I needed to batch save-as old formZ files (I believe they were v6 or earlier). So I managed to modify an existing script (the one made for batch render) from the formZ 7 SDK.


Get the script:

Download--> unzip--> place the batch_save_as.fsb somewhere on your computer.


Loading the script:

Go to 'Extensions' Menu--> 'Run Utility' menu item--> Select the utility (batch_save_as.fsb).


Using the script:

The utility will ask you for a source folder, then a target folder. Then it will do the opening, saving as, and closing operations of all formZ projects files it finds.



  • Source folder is where your formZ files are (theoretically the older version ones)
  • Target folder is where all files will be saved.
  • The script can find formZ files that are buried inside nested folders within the source folder. but it saves all new files in a single Target folder.
  • The same files names  are used.



It is not fancy by any means, but does the needed job. I really didn't spend much time cleaning the original batch render script. So I probably broke something somewhere. Anyhow, there is one minor issue:

Issue: Script will save a formZ file using the name of the Target folder.  

Solution: You can just remove this file I guess-- it is redundant.


Possible Enhancements:

  • Ability to choose whether the news files are created inside the folders they come from, and whether they should override original or be saved with a different name.
  • If saved in a target, ability to recreate the same folder structure of the source, within the Target folder.



I tested the script on formZ 7 and 8.5 and it seems to work fine, on both Windows and OSX. (So I assume v8 should be covered).


Hope someone finds this useful.




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Hey, thanks.  This can be useful because Apple changed their encoding (as I understand) so that files saved on a Mac with versions prior to v5 can not be opened directly in v8 and later.


With this script and a copy of v7, you can batch process your files so they will be forwards compatible (in case you have lots of really old files you want to reuse).


Nice job Maher!

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Hi Rob,

Glad you found it useful!

That was how I used the script indeed. V8 does not open very old formZ files directly.


Luckily, looks like the SDK functions used in the script didn't change between v7 and v8.5. So you can use the same script to upgrade files up to v8.5. First, run it in v7 to upgrade from v6 (and older), then run it in v8.5 to upgrade from v7.


Tech Edit -- running this script again should not be necessary, but if you have lots of Smooth objects in the file, this will make them open faster in v8.5 since the Smooth Data will have been updated to the current version of ACIS...




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