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  1. melkhaldi

    New visibility idea, what do you think?

    I think we're talking about adding filters to both list views and geometric views.
  2. melkhaldi

    New visibility idea, what do you think?

    expanding on this, I believe Objects and Layers pallets are views to the same information, just like 3D views; using Lists instead of B-reps. following this, a non geometric view may have a "Semantic" state where it shows the structure of information (in the list--wether hidden or shown), and another "Logical" state which resolves and shows (in the list) only visible objects.
  3. melkhaldi

    Shouldn't there be an option to..

    don't forget the "hide"! It is as a valid a state as the "keep, ghost, and delete" !
  4. melkhaldi

    Shouldn't there be an option to..

    another approach is what transformation tools currently do where you can cycle through options to make a copy, or multiple copies, etc. by the same logic, user then can cycle through: keep, ghost, hide,and delete for pretty much all operations.
  5. Ztech, I was working with Layout and frames, and could not help but notice an inconsistent part of the GUI, IMHO. I can select any formZ object and have its parameters and attributes show in the Tools Options Pallet. So I got used to looking for this type of information in that Pallet. Especially that preview windows are of the past now. However, frames require that you right click then go to "parameters". This is the only way I modify a frame. I believe this interactiont goes against all the direct interactions that are implemented through out the new formZ GUI. My guess for this decision is that the frame dialog has lots of controls. But I would suggest to at least provide a summarized version of its properties in the pallet if not all (i think they can be stacked vertically). and/or then provide a button to show parameters window for full controls, maybe? Please excuse my comments above, I might be too picky. But I am getting into formZ again with a fresh eye and a beginner's mind, so I am noticing a few things here and there as I use it. Best, maher
  6. melkhaldi

    Popup Tool Palette Request for future versions.

    I agree with you Chris.
  7. thanks for the clarification!
  8. I needed to batch save-as old formZ files (I believe they were v6 or earlier). So I managed to modify an existing script (the one made for batch render) from the formZ 7 SDK. Get the script: Download--> unzip--> place the batch_save_as.fsb somewhere on your computer. Loading the script: Go to 'Extensions' Menu--> 'Run Utility' menu item--> Select the utility (batch_save_as.fsb). Using the script: The utility will ask you for a source folder, then a target folder. Then it will do the opening, saving as, and closing operations of all formZ projects files it finds. Notes: Source folder is where your formZ files are (theoretically the older version ones) Target folder is where all files will be saved. The script can find formZ files that are buried inside nested folders within the source folder. but it saves all new files in a single Target folder. The same files names are used. Issues: It is not fancy by any means, but does the needed job. I really didn't spend much time cleaning the original batch render script. So I probably broke something somewhere. Anyhow, there is one minor issue: Issue: Script will save a formZ file using the name of the Target folder. Solution: You can just remove this file I guess-- it is redundant. Possible Enhancements: Ability to choose whether the news files are created inside the folders they come from, and whether they should override original or be saved with a different name. If saved in a target, ability to recreate the same folder structure of the source, within the Target folder. Compatibility: I tested the script on formZ 7 and 8.5 and it seems to work fine, on both Windows and OSX. (So I assume v8 should be covered). Hope someone finds this useful. Best, Maher batch_save_as.zip
  9. melkhaldi

    Shouldn't there be an option to..

    Thanks Rob! Hi ZTech, Actually it does not. The hide ghosted objects is a global control for all objects, which is a useful feature. But what I am asking about is an automatic control of Operands' states. Currently, I can Keep, Ghost, or Delete operands. I think I should be also to hide them from view, at an object level just like I can do that from the objects pallet. Best, Maher
  10. http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/2624-batch-saveas-formz-files-to-current-version-7-85/
  11. Hi Rob, Glad you found it useful! That was how I used the script indeed. V8 does not open very old formZ files directly. Luckily, looks like the SDK functions used in the script didn't change between v7 and v8.5. So you can use the same script to upgrade files up to v8.5. First, run it in v7 to upgrade from v6 (and older), then run it in v8.5 to upgrade from v7. Tech Edit -- running this script again should not be necessary, but if you have lots of Smooth objects in the file, this will make them open faster in v8.5 since the Smooth Data will have been updated to the current version of ACIS... Best, Maher
  12. melkhaldi

    custom attributes.

    Ztech, Can you plesse look into permitting users to embed custom attributes into objects for reporting using the information manager tool? The current implementation is limited. It only supports basic geometric properties. Being able to add cost,supplier, hyper link to a webpage, repait dates , etc would add real value to the information manager tool. The only work around I can think of is using the object name field as an information field, but this is not a scalable solution. thanks, maher
  13. melkhaldi

    custom attributes.

    while at it, can you consider means to import, export, or transfer attributes sets, along with the values and value lists, between projects? thanks! maher
  14. melkhaldi

    default version

    try: 1. Ctrl-click on the file 2. Click Get Info 3. Under Open With pick the app that you want to become the default 4. Click the Change All button 5. Confirm your decision from: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2573/os_x_how_to_change_default_application_to_open_file_type/
  15. melkhaldi

    Considering to Buy Form Z..!

    i think the Layout can use a "refresh on demand" type of functionality( might exist already, but I didnt find it). this is common in tools like CATIA where a drawing that refetences an assembly or a part can be auto-updated (listens to file saved changes) or manually (triggered by user). a toggle-button does the job as far as UI goes.
  16. melkhaldi

    custom attributes.

    hmm, kind of. It would be great if attributes are attached to objects by choice. for example, using a check box-- like the current functionality in Analysis display. It is only shown when checked(activated). so an object would only inherit an attribute-set if it is checked. this would enable a more streamlined and accurate data model--A door will only inherit "door attributes" and not also "walls". this will also eliminate selection filters and post processing of the CSV file. Is this something that can be baked in the next patch? Thanks, maher
  17. melkhaldi

    custom attributes.

    Hi Ztech, I read the post you reference. Is there a way to control assigning attributes to objects? I would like select which attributes an object can inherit. Currently, it seems all attributes are attached to all objects by default. Best, maher
  18. melkhaldi

    custom attributes.

    Thanks ZTech! Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for. When was this added? (I need to refamiliarize myself with formZ I guess) It certainly deserves a spot on the 'Tips' page. Thanks, Maher