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Best way to create curved, ramped semi-underground walkway?


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Hi everyone, 


I realize there are any number of ways to do this, but was hoping to hear some thoughts on the best way to create what is essentially a "question-mark"-shaped walkway that starts at ground surface level, and ramps down into the ground to about a depth of 3'..... ?


Here's an image of a model (a real model!) in which you can see the walkway as it starts at ground level to the left (next to the entryway sculpture) and descends to the right, ending with stairs:



My first go-to is booleans, but I know there are other ways to do it. While the model doesn't have solid walls next to the walkway, the end result will. Any thoughts?




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Booleans is good. Make ? shape object and trim bottom with angled line. Then difference from ground solid object.

I guess if ground was just 2d surface & cut ? shape hole. You could do a 2 path sweep following ? shape. This would give you a ramp without walls.

Also check out Stair From Path using solid ramp or beam ramp.


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