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  1. I have been away for a while, but I think it's time to upgrade. That is all.
  2. I'm trying to join these two objects... the "arc" was creating by deriving the top edge of the other object & thickening. Can't seem to get a truly clean (symmetriocal) join. Any help appreciated! joinTest.fmz
  3. -andrew-

    3D Connexion Space Mouse... controls?

    Hi Joe - Yes, I'm aware of the controls... unfortunately, there is no change after adjusting.
  4. Hi all, Is there a guide with all info in one place for using a Space Mouse with FZ? I like it, but it's too sensitive.
  5. -andrew-

    Can't figure out how to connect lines...

    When I came back to this issue this morning, the arc tool was no longer working properly (it was creating a segmented arc) and I couldn't properly set the center point. Restarted... looks like everything is working for now. thanks all.
  6. -andrew-

    Can't figure out how to connect lines...

    Figured it out
  7. -andrew-

    Can't figure out how to connect lines...

    Tried it - doesn't work. My goal is to end up with a filled object - using join in this case appears to work, but the lines remain separate. lines.fmz
  8. I have a few lines I've drawn in 2D that I want to connect at their endpoints, and I've tried about 20 different things but can't figure it out. How can I do this? Hopefully I'm just missing something obvious. Any help appreciated!
  9. Hey, I'm just glad you guys are here to help
  10. Hi Bo - I'm asking here mainly about geometry. I say "mainly" because I don't know if there are material settings that could cause or prevent the issue. A lot of this has to do with the way this and other programs handle one- and two-sided geometry. Part of the report from the Blender group indicated that some geometry was doubled. This can be faces, edges, or points, and can cause surface normals to appear correctly but create visibility and rendering issues. Also, obviously, we don't want stray geometry to clean up. The main idea being that I need to determine what 3D export settings to use to get the "cleanest" working files, so that I can most efficiently/effectively process whatever needs to be done in the target software.
  11. Ok, figured it out - for some reason, the textures/materials are exporting as an alpha blend instead of opaque. Hmm...
  12. Morning John - thanks for the note. I've tried both - It seems to be ok with preview and Cycles rendering in Blender, but not with Eevee (new built-in, non-raytracing render engine). I'll try posting in the Blender community to see if anyone knows what's up.
  13. Got some feedback from the Blender community: "All your vertices are doubled and the edges are split." So... how can we avoid this? I'm not sure what export options to choose to fix...
  14. Hi all, I've tried a lot of combinations, but cannot find one that works for exporting .obj to Blender - while the geometry appears to be correct, when shaded, there seems to be some incorrect interpretation of smoothing. How can I fix this?
  15. -andrew-

    Import from Solidworks?

    Thanks John! I'll likely be doing the majority of texturing in Blender, but may assign them in FZ as placeholders.