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  1. -andrew-

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    Thanks very much - will take a look at this closely.
  2. -andrew-

    How do I get a bigger grid?

  3. -andrew-

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    Thanks - what are your settings? I’ve tried zooming in, but didn’t see anything except a single outside border.
  4. -andrew-

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    Yes, sure did.
  5. -andrew-

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    Hi Andrew - thanks.... Board game components.
  6. Hi all - I'm working on a project (in 8.6, PC) and can't seem to get the grid to be subdivided. Here's what I'm trying to do, for example: make a grid that's 40mm x 40mm with a 1mm grid. However, I can't do it - I can make a grid that's set to 1mm (2mm x 2mm) with 10 divisions, but if I try to make a 20mm grid (40mm x 40mm) I just get four large empty quadrants. Maybe I'm forgetting something here but I can't get it to work even after quite a bit of experimentation....
  7. -andrew-

    Mesh by # of divisions?

    Oh... fyi, no, this didn't do what I needed as it doesn't seem to work on a single face of an object - only the whole object.
  8. -andrew-

    Where's the info on 9?

    I wish I'd known about the beta... or something more than the bullet points, really. I haven't been able to find any feature descriptions, screenshots, videos, etc.
  9. -andrew-

    Mesh by # of divisions?

    Ok... four years later is there a way to do this yet?
  10. -andrew-

    Where's the info on 9?

    Thanks Chris - interesting, since we can purchase but can't really see anything but a bullet list of new features. Hmmmm.....
  11. -andrew-

    Where's the info on 9?

    Hi everyone, Haven't been here in a while but got the NYE special email, and was surprised I hadn't heard anything about 9. I eagerly jumped to the home page to find... v8. Just saw the forum post about the v9 beta, but as noted I haven't been here in a bit and it's the first I'm hearing about it... pretty excited. Where can I find out more?
  12. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or guides for modeling streets, curbs, driveways, etc. ? These need to conform to terrain... but need to be "geometrically realistic" [edit] Also looking for methods/references for highways, incl. overpasses and guardrails
  13. -andrew-

    Copy/duplicate "inserted" geometry on face?

    Thanks guys. A little surprising, but I'll work around it.
  14. I just tried duplicating a rectangle on a face of a larger object (think... windows) and found that while the first rectangle is inserted, all duplicated become separate objects. Is there a way to duplicate geometry and have it remain inserted?
  15. -andrew-

    Modeling frames

    Hi guys - Clones: Tried it... maybe a solution. Will have to investigate a bit more. Alan - might be ok for simple geometry, but wouldn't really work, time-wise, for something like a complex prism where even a small change can have a pretty big ripple effect...