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  1. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or guides for modeling streets, curbs, driveways, etc. ? These need to conform to terrain... but need to be "geometrically realistic" [edit] Also looking for methods/references for highways, incl. overpasses and guardrails
  2. -andrew-

    Copy/duplicate "inserted" geometry on face?

    Thanks guys. A little surprising, but I'll work around it.
  3. I just tried duplicating a rectangle on a face of a larger object (think... windows) and found that while the first rectangle is inserted, all duplicated become separate objects. Is there a way to duplicate geometry and have it remain inserted?
  4. -andrew-

    Modeling frames

    Hi guys - Clones: Tried it... maybe a solution. Will have to investigate a bit more. Alan - might be ok for simple geometry, but wouldn't really work, time-wise, for something like a complex prism where even a small change can have a pretty big ripple effect...
  5. -andrew-

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    I'm running 8.6.4 but just started getting a notice to update to 8.6.4... ??
  6. -andrew-

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    Thanks Chris - did you snap using the diagonal corner?
  7. -andrew-

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    Here's what I did: 1) Create wall (14' w x 2' d x 16' tall) 2) Set grids to 2" 3) Draw 16x9 rectangle on the surface of the wall, 2" in from left side 4) Use uniform scale tool on rectangle, clicking first on bottom left corner (carefully! It's easy to miss it somehow, even with snapping) and then click bottom right corner, and dragging horizontally to the grid 2" in from the right. Clicking on the upper right corner snaps to the corner but will not snap accurately to the grid or guides...
  8. -andrew-

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    Hey Chris - I think that was the first thing I tried, and it wouldn't snap properly during scaling. You can see in my image in my first post that not only did I have snapping on, but even tried it with a guide set up at that 2" distance... I see you posted again regarding scaling a face on another face, so I will go read that but assume it's something to do with this? thanks
  9. 8.6.4, just made my modeling window smaller, and it is completely distorting the view. Modeling tools also don't line up with what's actually being modeled. In the "after" pic, the smaller object was modeled with the first click at the world origin.
  10. -andrew-

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    Hey Andrew - the rectangle isn't 16x9... it's 16:9 at whatever size it scales up to when fitted between the 2" margin on each side of the structure. What your'e describing is the first thing I tried. Seems simple... but doesn't work. When scaling up the original 16"x9" rectangle, it doesn't snap properly to the grid, or, in this case, the edge of the offset segment. Is there a free screen capture software you know of (PC)? I'll make a video.
  11. -andrew-

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    How can I make sure what I create after offsetting segments is 16:9 proportions? Even if that works, in the long run, I think this would end up creating a lot of extra geometry.
  12. So as you probably realize from my many frequent posts, I've got a project and am jumping back into FZ... and running into specific things I haven't dealt with before (in FZ). This time... I have a basic object, a wall, 14' wide x 2' deep x 16' high. Easy enough. Then, I want to make a cutout in the wall, 1" deep, 16x9 proportions, 2" in from each edge and 3' up from the floor. In SketchUp, this takes about 20 seconds, in this way: 1) Create wall 2) Drag vertical guide in 2" from left (tape measure, numeric input) 3) Drag vertical guide in 2" from right 4) Drag horizontal guide up from bottom 3' 5) Create rectangle on surface, at 16" x 9", at intersection of left & bottom guides 6) Select rectangle and scale proportionally from top right corner to right guide 7) Push 1" (see image); in FZ, I am fighting grids, getting guides in the right place, visibility of guides, inconsistent snapping... Not sure what I'm missing here, but I think it must be something fundamental. What's the best way to do this?
  13. -andrew-

    Vector line bugs?

    On OSX - When using the vector line tool on an empty plane, it acts as expected. When using it on the surface of an object, though, it remains in "close" mode (closed polygon) and the resulting polygon cannot easily/always be extruded inward/through the object, only outward to add geometry. Also, I can't get it to snap to the grid on an object surface. I don't think it's supposed to work this way but will look into release notes.
  14. -andrew-

    Scale issues importing to Blender

    No, still not working... I've tried a lot of variations. FWIW I can import into Blender 2.79 without any issues.
  15. -andrew-

    formZ v8.6.4 released