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  1. -andrew-

    Tangent fillets between 2d shapes?

    Interesting. I assume this will work with straight extrusions as well. I'll have to try that...
  2. -andrew-

    Tangent fillets between 2d shapes?

    Thanks Allan - tried this out, but I couldn't get it to create tangent, symmetrical fillets. Hm...
  3. Hi all, and happy pre- new year! Trying to figure out how to create accurate, tangent fillets between two or more 2D shapes... In this image, for example, I've just hand-drawn in fillets at different radii to illustrate where I'd like to do this accurately: Any help appreciated. thanks
  4. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Started a new doc completely from scratch with 5 places accuracy Numerical / 4 places accuracy angle, Everything is planar. I'm not able to draw a line between two corner points regardless of what combinations of snapping/not snapping, inserting, etc. I try. Let's say I'm doing something wrong... It shouldn't be this difficult. I have lost a full day of productivity trying to do this.
  5. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Thanks - a few things: 1) I don't see "Stick To Edges" in Snap Options (is this on the palette?) 2) I also don't see "Snap To Endpoint" 3) I tried deriving the face and projecting; when attempting to project, I get this message: "Inappropriate entity selected for the Projection of Solid tool. An object should be selected."
  6. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Another example - completely from scratch - shaped drawn on the plane, inset, one extruded, one flat. I'm unable to draw lines from point to point on the top surface (corners or edges) and can no longer reshape into the shape. Any help appreciated... thanks shapes.fmz
  7. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Further investigation... I can extrude upward from the reference plane from here, but not cut downward into the shape. Cannot figure out what's going on here...
  8. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Thanks Andrew - interesting, because I tried again, starting from a completely new file, working on the Z plane, with the same result of not being able to connect corner points, regardless of settings. Additionally I couldn't even connect/draw a line through corner points when starting on the 2D object before extrusion. I can tell you this with 100% certainty. What other settings did you have active? FWIW, just to test, I was able to successfully draw a circle and have it work as expected... (simple circle drawn from the inside corner point...)
  9. -andrew-

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Thanks - Sure thing - attached. Untitled4.fmz
  10. Hi everyone, Using 8.5.7. I am trying to draw on a surface to connect two points (shown in image) so that I can use Reshape to eliminate some geometry. Should be simple? I've tried about 50 times now (literally) looking for missing settings, geometry, checking to see if my surface is planar... no luck. Sometimes I can draw elsewhere on the surface, connecting the edges, but it's hit and miss, and I need to connect corner points. Not sure what to try next.
  11. I have been away for a while, but I think it's time to upgrade. That is all.
  12. I'm trying to join these two objects... the "arc" was creating by deriving the top edge of the other object & thickening. Can't seem to get a truly clean (symmetriocal) join. Any help appreciated! joinTest.fmz
  13. -andrew-

    3D Connexion Space Mouse... controls?

    Hi Joe - Yes, I'm aware of the controls... unfortunately, there is no change after adjusting.
  14. Hi all, Is there a guide with all info in one place for using a Space Mouse with FZ? I like it, but it's too sensitive.
  15. -andrew-

    Can't figure out how to connect lines...

    When I came back to this issue this morning, the arc tool was no longer working properly (it was creating a segmented arc) and I couldn't properly set the center point. Restarted... looks like everything is working for now. thanks all.