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Alan Cooper

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I am finding myself using the break line tool more than I think I should, and then deleting the unwanted segment. It's more labour intensive than would be a preferred version of extend line tool.

I rarely find the current version of extend line tool useful, which is extending line by a specific distance or percentage, but  I  would find very useful the ability to extend line to a cursor position [especially if no snap is active] or snap position or guide line, but I don't think these are available? 


I have experienced difficulties in selecting a line which intersects with a rectangle in certain cases because the rectangle prefers to be selected for some unknown reason.


I tried to trim a line to a rectangle but the line was not trimmed to the side of the rectangle I wanted. I tried to trim 


I've had instances of using the extend [line] segment to a rectangle and it has then deleted the rectangle in the same operation, not what I wanted to happen, and I have tried the undo command but the rectangle does not come back. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.


I think some work needs to be done with these tools as they can be hard to use and waste time, I think some simplification would be good as they should be simple without much of a learning curve at all in my opinion, and looks to me like there are some bugs anyway with regard to making easy selection of the right part and the undo command.


My workaround to avoid the potential of wasting time is to set a really high setting to the extend tool and use the break line tool a lot so I can delete the remainder.

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