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Alternate Keyboard Layouts

Charles Freeborn

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Hi Charles,


Do you have an actual DVORAK keyboard, or are you just setting it to act like one?


If you right click on your tools and choose Set Shortcut (or hold down Command Option (Mac) or Ctrl Alt (Win) when you select a Menu item) and set your own key shortcuts using your desired key layout, does that then work for you?


(And if so, make sure to then Save this to a Shortcut file for future use.)

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I set my input source to DVORAK in the Apple system preferences. I've got key overlays for the layout, but don't look at the keys much. I can switch back and forth between DV and QW with a key shortcut for hunt 'n peck operations (such as Form Z), but that's a slow down.

Yes, I could re-assign, but was hoping to avoid that chore.


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