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3DM format import


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I have a bunch of 3dm format files that I need to use. When I import to FZ8, there are no import error alerts etc. but parts of the geometry is inverted. I can invert it and make it look ok, but then other parts of the same object become inverted instead. I can't ungroup or separate the object.


Anyone know of a solution an alternative way/converter etc. of geeting these into Z?




2R 11801.3dm.zip

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Hi Imagix,


Welcome to the forum!


We first checked the file in Rhino (since this is their native format) and the same problems exist there, so the program that created this file is responsible for the errors:




If you use the Project Doctor tool in formZ, you can easily Fix the inverted objects, but unfortunately there are still a lot of other errors:




What program created this file?

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