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  1. I believe all apps are required to be 64 bit!
  2. Imagix

    Cars for Maxwell

    Thanks Des. I was thinking i would do the same thing. Just wanted to make sure i that i havent overlooked any other car resources out there first. Thanks for the tips on the format and workflow. That will definitely save me an hour or so 🙂 best regards Anders
  3. Imagix

    Cars for Maxwell

    I am looking for cars in .mxs format for positioning in architectural visualisations. Dosch design has some from 2008, but that's not looking very fresh. Any idea where I can find this?
  4. Imagix


    I have had the same problem for some time.
  5. When drawing a rectangle etc. on another surface, clicking shift toggles "Insert" on/off in the Tool options palette. I use the shift key for lots of other shortcuts and therefor often does this unintentionally. Is there anyway to disable the shift key/insert toggle?
  6. Imagix

    Fire stopped working

    Problem solves. Had both formz 8.5 and 8.6 installed. My preferences pointed to the plugins folder of both versions. This wasn't a problem until the update. I deleted 8.5 and now Fire works again. ...I least I think that was the cause. I'm just happy it works again. Don't know what I'd do without Fire.
  7. Imagix

    Fire stopped working

    It happens with any project. Both with my usual template file and with the default Z one.
  8. Whenever I start Fire it just says Starting... and stays like that forever. I tried re-installing the plugin, but it doesn't help. I am at FormZ Can anyone help?
  9. I have to transfer my formZ scene (with mxs reference objects) to a 3DS Max user. For that I do an FBX export, but mxs reference objects are obviously not included in the FBX file. It would be convenient to be able to pick an .mxs reference and convert it to geometry within formZ. This would make easy to include references in exports or maybe do quick adjustments to a single mxs reference in the scene (obviously it wouldn't be a reference anymore). (As a workaround I tried to open the scene mxs in C4D and Studio in order to export from there, but neither worked) I could just replace my mxs references by geometry, but with hundreds of placements, correct rotation, scale etc. that would be a not so fun task.
  10. Is there a way that I can convert placed .mxs files (lot's of furniture) into geometry? I need that in order to pass over my scene to someone else. I tried packaging and opening the complete scene .mxs in C4D, in order to export from there, but C4D doesn't import the reference objects. I tried opening my scene in Studio in order to export from there, but it doesn't seem work in any way either. Thanks Anders
  11. I am having the same problem, when trying to get models from z to C4D
  12. ADS, here is a small test project. It works as is. Change the "Angle of Site North" to anything but 90° animating the sun position with time/keyframes stops working... https://we.tl/187LNOkkEP
  13. Hi Pylon I just found out that if "Angle Of Site North" is set to anything other than 90° (50 in my case), then the above approach does not work. Unfortunately for a new project of mine, my object model and camera path is synced with a C4D project, so I can't just rotate my model. Is there any way you can make the "follow distant light" feature work when the distant light doesn't have a 90° north? Thanks Anders
  14. Imagix

    Redo error

    I tried that, but it didn't solve the problem :-(
  15. Imagix

    Redo error

    I have had the same error everytime I try to Redo, since installing High Sierra. Is there a undo/redo scratch file that can be deleted or something?