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Need to reinstall FormZ


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The displace tool started malfunctioning and despite reboots, became un-useable. I decided to reinstall FormZ, which I did by deleting the existing 9.2 folder, and running the installer. However, although the program launches, it doesn't work. 

How to I perform a CLEAN reinstall of the software?


David Henderson

Z-0026596, Mac Studio 2022, 32GB ram, running Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1

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Have not emailed tech support. 

I have used the displace tool extensively for several years. An example of weird behavior: you load the map and enter all the info correctly in the dialog box, click "show displaced" and......nothing. If you switch from Flat mapping to Spherical mapping and back, it works but you need to reset the size numbers. Another thing: the "smooth mesh" slider (which should go from 0 - 100%) is automatically filled in with some astronomical figure and if you don't zero it out, the program locks up.

Thanks for the response. Will email tech support.


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