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I have a lot of trouble configuring the interface of Z9 (model) and Draft ...

I'm on windows 10 with two monitors

I cannot detach the "input" palette from the top dock
I want to move it to another dock
Same for the "action" and "projects" palette

When I place my tool palette in a column in the tool dock on the left I can't place it at the top of the dock

(Besides, I can't place the pallets or I want them in the docks ...
They are always placed according to their magnetism and sometimes (when the docks is enlarged they are placed inappropriately

If the dock is enlarged (tool dock) then the icons of the tools are automatically scaled.
That can be useful but it would also be necessary to be able to lock and unlock the modification of the dock because if I move it by mistake then the tools are modified and the lower part of the column leaves the space of the office (outside of the monitor).

Finally still due to the difficulty of moving a palette in a dock, I cannot move the palette of tools up the dock.
I have an empty space above which I cannot use when I run out of space at the bottom of the dock ...

I am interested to know if other users have difficulty handling the windows interface (this works just as well for the model as for the draft ...)

I am also interested to know if you can post screenshots of your interfaces here (even if you work on a macintosh...)

Thank you all

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