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Aligning Objects


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Hello All!


I am very new to FZ8 and I am a display designer.


First off I am trying to build a wooden pallet: 40"w x 24"d x 4"h.


I'd like to stack nine trays on the pallet with a tray size of: 20"w x 12"d x 2"h.


How would I go about aligning the trays on the pallet.


Please review attached a screen capture of what it looks like in a different program.


Any help would be much appreciated!





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Hi JW,


The most direct way to do this would be to simply move the first object into place using the object or grid snaps, and then change the Move Tool Options to the Multi-Copy Mode to move copies of this object in one direction, then select these objects, and move copies in the other direction.


Note that if you are making lots of copies of objects, it is best to ensure that you don't have more detail in the objects than necessary, as that could cause the file to become larger than desired.

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Thank you Moderator.

When importing a .dwg from Ilustrator, I would like my objects to be center at 0/0/0 coordinates, however, when using the "Area Picker" tool to select all objects, I then use the "Tools Option Area Pick" tool pallet and select, "Object Transformation / Origin" and insert: X0 Y0 Z0 coordinates expecting the shapes to center themselves from the center of their objects. What happens is that all my shapes which consists of squares and circles, stager themselves in no particular alignment. Don't all shapes come with a center point within the object to help with centering in an environment?


Could someone please help me, as I am making a bottle that I'd like to loft and I'd like my shapes to be accurately centered and distributed from top to bottom. Thanks in advance and I'll look forward to your answers! :)

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Hi New,


Once you select the objects, get the Move tool, and click in the center of your objects (where you want to align with the origin).  Then in the Input Palette, enter x, y, z = 0 and press Return.  Then everything will move to the origin.


Does that do what you want?

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