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Build A0D7 is slow and hangs


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Running FZ on a MBP 16" With i9 Core, 64 GB Ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500 *GB Graphic Card.  This latest build has slowed down in the modeling function.  Currently just running it in Shaded Work, have not tried to do any rendering.  I feel that what is slowing the machine down are the Snap options and the Clipping Planes.  It slows down to the point that I get the spinning ball while it looks for the snap zones.  The following also occurs:  If I try to rotate an object the system hangs while FZ tries to find the Pont in the object to snap to.  If I select the intersecting snap tool, well then it stops finding the end or. mid snap points, it is if snap is deselected.

My work around has been to try and avoid using the clipping Planes (which I rely on heavily) and then to deselect all the snapping points and only to select them one at time, slowly building up my collection of snap points that I usually run with.

I have sent a few Force Quit files to ADS.


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Nearly a year further and the issue with the spinning ball is still going on. In my version on Mac it is not workable anymore. It feels as if it has issues with the graphics card or a memory leak. I am completely frustrated about FMZ (already too long) because of this and other issues. 

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