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VRay and IES values


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Attempting to use IES files from Cooper Lighting (manufacturer of Halo lights). In using them to test, I've had to override the IES embedded values and entered 100,000 lm to produce the following amount of light. Trying to understand, why needing to overide the IES file to begin with - undermines the reason for wanting to download IES files from MFR. Two, why the magnitude (100,000 lm) required to get what seems to represent a dimmed light? 

RL4099S1EWH -3000K .ies

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Image showing the override of 100,000 in the intensity setting. 

Was doing this to understand the shape and spread of the light on the surfaces by different fixtures and running into the issue of not seeing anything from those IES files.

RL 4099S1EWH-3000K - 100000 Lm.png

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Thank you for the suggestion. The camera settings are out of the box settings. If I had the sun set to a height more than 1'0" above 0 then I will get so much blow out in the image that it nullifies the IES lights completely.

The whole purpose of the IES files is to get a reasonably close approximation of the actual light fixture on the space and their impact and shape on the walls. So, simply adjusting the camera settings or cranking these up to 500,000 lumens defeats the purpose.

The desire is not only to produce a nice picture but to evaluate the real world design decisions on light spacing and intensity. If I wanted to simply produce nice imagery, then I wouldn't even consider using the IES files.


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