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Render animation in vray?


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Thanks John, 

I'm using :
FormZ - Version Build 10163
VRay - Version Build 1221
Wndows 10 - i5, 3.1GHz, 8Gb RAM

When I hit the "Generate Animation" button the little window pops up but no image appears in it. Eventually it says (Not Responding), then some time later it crashes and FormZ dissappears from the screen - completely!

However, I did find (completely by accident) in my FormZ Folder a file named  "formZAnimFrame.bmp"  which is a picture of the first frame of the animation that should have been produced (but its not the file name that I setup).

 All other modes of animation are working - wireframe, renderzone etc.

Anyway, I will keep trying I suppose, maybe with a new FZ model...


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9 hours ago, artyboy64 said:

Has anyone got this issue resolved? I’m running the latest FormZ and Vray application on an Alienware i7processor with two graphics card and the program just closes completely when I try to render the animation with Vray.

Hi artyboy64, Yes, for me the animations are now working although I can't stop it once its started, other than by using task manager to crash FZ. I'm using the following versions:

- FZ v8.6.3.1 Build 10163
- Vray v3.6.3.3 Build 1241 Dec 13

Hope that helps!

Best regards,



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