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Sun lighting issue


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When I change the position of a physical sky light, by rotating it in formZ, my renders seem stuck on a previous light, and cast the same shadows no matter what i change. When i turn off all lights and test render, the render does "see" that there are no emitters and the render will "ne black". So what can I do to get my renders to react to changes in the light sources? I even turn off one physical sky and turn on another in a different position and that doesn't work.Could it be that 'physically manipulating" these sources isn't as stable as entering sky rotation, time etc??






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Hi Peter,


I just tested this; switching lights, as well as manipulating the sun widget in the modeling window is updating Maxwell renderings as expected.


Are you sure you have the intended physical sky selected (only one can be "lit" at a time) in the "Lights" palette? In the light's "Location" parameter, do you have Sun Location set to "Origin / COI"?

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