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Hi Peter,


I appears that EE.06.08-SK-A-3257.jpg cannot be found on external storage, so the plugin attempts to write out the embedded texture map within the formZ material, and that this fails.


The best solution is to re-load the texture map in formZ from the original file on disk.


(The attempt to recreate the texture map may be failing because it's creating a filename with a period in it. You could rename the material without the period and try again. It might also be failing because you don't have permission to write to the scratch folder, but that seems less likely.)


426            Notice                         Translator     Create Material 'EE 06.08'    
427            Notice                         Resource Mngr  File Search (Shaded Color Map) E:\TRAVAIL\PROJECTS\Wilmotte\Rijksmuseum\RIJKS 2 2011\03_The 18th Century_Gallery 3 - Standard\Pictures 18de eeuw  fase IV\EE.06.08-SK-A-3257.jpg
428            *ERROR*         E1             Resource Mngr  File Status    ERROR: File on previous line NOT FOUND at existing path or in search locations
429            *ERROR*         E2             Material Translator Export Embedded Bitmap Color bitmap used in material 'EE 06.08' not found; FAILURE Writing 'EE 06.08_color.png' to disk.
430            Notice                         Resource Mngr  File Search (Host Color Bitmap) ERROR: File reference to Color bitmap used in material 'EE 06.08' not found at path, and could not be exported from embedded texture.
431            *ERROR*                        Host API       CmaxwellScene::EditTranslatedMaterial ERR:63864 [Permission denied.] COD:13 SEV:4 CON:4 CID:0 [ANSI Error] DET:2002



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Hi thanks for that.


I have proceeded to rename a lot of texture maps.

Question: if I have replaced "." with "_" in the filename and whitespaces with underscores as well, is there any way I can automate MXED to re-associate these renames textures with thier original MXM's?


Automating that would be a real time saver...


Thanks, Pylon-





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Hi Peter,

That's a good idea; in general, I recommend using bulletproof characters only:







Batch renaming the files to which the MXM data structure points can likely be accomplished via the Python binding, but it would be non-trivial if you don't already have experience in this area:



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