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Network rendering on WIN7 and Win10 machines?

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I have had a world of pain trying to get this to work. The guys at Next Limit intervened twice via TeamViewer, and there are still  problems. Only two out of my three machines can render together.


2 PC towers on WIN7 - brand new system and software install. connected to swtich via ethernet cables. On HOMEGROUP.

1MacBookPro running Windows 10 in Bootcamp - only using wifi (no ethernet port)


Fernando at Next Limit was able to get the one PC (called i7) to render with the MacbookPro, but not the other PC (called Node). Now as I write this I have even lost that connection..


All the computers see eachother in File Explorer and Homegroup, although one does not show up in the Network map which otherwise seems correctly generated..


AM I asking too much here? (to have on PC be in a different system version, and  connecting via wifi instead of cable??)


Ugh.. too much time lost. I'll need to use a pro render farm to finish a job, costing me money..


Any ideas here?




First I got this:



But now (without having changes anything), I am getting this from the Manager!



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Hi Peter,


I am not an IT expert by any stretch of the imagination, so I probably won't be of any help here.


Speaking from personal experience (and NOT as an authority of any sort) I have found that for mission critical work where computers must all be online without interruption, each critical computer should:


1. Use a wired ethernet connection

2. Use a manually assigned IP address on the local network. I use high addresses so there's no collision with Wifi users popping on and off

3. Not sleep/standby







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My MacBookPro is only USB C and wifi. Perhaps getting an adapter USB C to Ehternet would help? Any ideas?


Fernando at NL is zeroing in on the problem as I type... Wifi cutting out temporarily is looking like a likely culprit


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I assume that you mean, that it takes a long time to launch the MXM editor when the button is clicked? This would suggest, that MXED is having a difficult time locating your license via RLM, though it is ultimately successful. Could be a network issue, again.

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Well, it's only 4 seconds for some and  never for others, in the same model..


yes at this point my network problems are spilling out everywhere.


The RLM is on the same machine as FZ...



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