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No decals in mobile viewer files?


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Decals are only rendered by the Renderzone renderer which is unfortunately not available on the mobile viewer. The mobile viewer uses the formZ Shaded work and Shaded full rendering modes.  In order to see decals in the shaded modes you need to use the RenderZone Render Textures tool to "bake" the decal into an image texture in formZ. 


- Make a copy of your project file (once you "bake" the textures they will not look as good in RenderZone so make a copy first).

- From the Workspaces menu select Rendering/Animation.

- Select the Render Textures tool from the RenderZone tool palette. You can choose a desired resolution and format form the Tool Options palette.

- Select the object with the decal.

- Repeat for each object with a decal.

- In Shaded full or Shaded work you should now see the decal(s). 

- Save the file and take to the viewer. 


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