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FormZ not registering that Maxwell is licensed


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Crap. Spend a whole day trying to get this to work. Getting nowhere. Options I am considering...


- Maybe using an older Maxwell/Z plugin, like will work? Would try it, but it seems unavailable for download.


- Converting my floating V3 license to a node locked one might make a difference. I asked Maxwell support of cause, but they are not answering.


- Upgrading to Maxwell V4 might help? Only problem is that I am highly dependent on rendering services like RebusFarm, but as far as I can tell no one is supporting V4 yet.


Hope someone someone has some suggestions. Need to get back to real work.




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Thank you. The version i downloaded just two days ago was Now I have It still does the same, but I am not at the office where the RLM server is, so I guess/hope that's why. I look forward to trying again.


I wish there was a way to make the license 'float' just a little more.

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Hi Imagix,


By default, a floating license will work on the local area network where RLM is installed; it is not expected that it would work on your home network.

You could have your IT department contact Reprise Software (maker of RLM) to determine if it is possible for your office to serve licenses outside your LAN. (I do not have any specific knowledge about this area of RLM.)

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