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Maxwell error

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I have been trying to render a file but when hit render out of form z I get the error message 


 Unable to Write MXS

C:\Users\bhodgson\Desktop\amada fold\100x160fold View 9 Maxwell\100x160fold View 9 1.mxs
I tried  saving to the file to a different  file folder and i get the same message
using PC version 8.0.02 maxwell 3.1 beta and approved giving same error message.

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The Maxwell Log may be able to help here. Please attempt to render your project with Maxwell again (Select Display> Maxwell Render). Then, open the plugin Log (Select Extensions> Maxwell Render> Log).


Look for warnings and errors. With the Log as a guide, you can troubleshoot most issues yourself.


If you cannot find the source of the problem in the Log, click on "Save Log" and save to your Desktop or other convenient location, then post the resulting log here, or send it to: post-32-0-97193700-1434139638_thumb.jpg

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