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  1. I have a HDR file that I am that I using as an emitter it does not stay linked to that file. I have to relink before rendering or it will render out incorrectly. Also I have emitter lights that when I setup them to hide from camera it still shows in the rendering just not illuminated. Formz 8.02 maxwell 3.2 on pc.
  2. I am having a problem opening an MXI file with multilight. If I look up the windows task manager the file is moving but never opens. ThIs issue only happens when I turn on grass in the rendering, without the grass file opens in 20sec. any suggestions. attached is the rendering of the MXI file I am trying to open.
  3. I have Installed the new plug in and downloaded the new Maxwell beta. I can't get the plug-in to launch the beta copy. It continues to launch 3.1 and gives me the error message that it is an older version. Thanks
  4. Thanks, but any word on getting extra sampling on textures to work with network rendering.
  5. I have not been able to updated through the software updated feature. So I went to the link to download, It transferred all my registration information, but when I try to register the update I get the error that I must be connected to the internet, which I am. PC 64 version
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    Thanks I guess I need to stay away from sketch up.
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    I will Email a link to support
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    I have been using layout in formz 8.02 and the Beta 8.5.04 and it seems to take a long time to create a plan. On one file it was taking over 45 min just to get a plan view. Is this normal, Is there someting i can do to speed up the process. PC i7 quad thanks
  10. update file has been uploaded. thanks
  11. I have sent a link to the file. Currently the file will render on my machie with extra sampling turned on, it will not network render with extra sampling turn on, but does render when it is turned off in the network rendering settings. Thanks
  12. I have create a file that the extra sampling works on my computer, but will not network render unless I turn off extra sampling. Where can i send the sample? Thanks
  13. I am not using the beta plugin, but I am getting an error message when I network render using custom alpha and extra sampling. This error does not accure when rendering on my main machine. This is the error message. [09/July/2015 14:57:54] [iNFO]: Stopping render [09/July/2015 14:57:55] ERROR: [09/July/2015 14:57:55] [ERROR]: Custom alpha channel selected for Extra Sampling doesn't exists. [09/July/2015 14:57:55] [iNFO]: [09/July/2015 14:57:55] ERROR: [09/July/2015 14:57:55] [ERROR]: Render Failed
  14. We I set up a file to create an Alfa channel for materials for extra SL rendering, it renders fine on my computer, but if I launch the render manager to send the file to several computers I get errors, It will send the file if I turn off the extra SL renderings in the manager.
  15. Is it true that the BETA extra sampling will not work using network render? If so will it be addressed.