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convert to v8 from v7 = very slow load due to Updating Components


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I converted my v7 file to v8 and opened it in FormZ Free.


It takes 18 sec. to load on my cpu in v7. 

It takes 2 min. 20 sec. to load on my cpu in v8 FormZ Free.  2 min. of that time was updating components, even though nothing had changed from the previous close.


I uploaded these files to your dropbox.  Is there something causing this huge slow down in FormZ free.  I need to send it to a client and would rather avoid a huge opening time - plus learn for future reference.


I know I have a bar stool from the sketchup warehouse that has bad geometry.  I have meant to rebuild it but have not had time yet.  However, v7 still opens it pretty quickly.  


Files are

ASONE-TapHouse v7.fmz

ASONE-TapHouse v8.fmz


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