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Edit Texr moves textures on other faces


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I have a problem editing the texture on the side of the cart in this model.

The one on the side is flat mapped and is a unique texture in my materials. It's a logo on a large field of that orange color. The opposite side has it's own unique version of the texture and the front has a third which is cylindrically mapped. When I use the Edit Texr tool on any one face, the texture on the other faces move as well. It also happens when I resize one of the textures. I've even tried making the materials from separate source files.

And incidentally, when I try to use Maxwell Fire or Maxwell Render, I get an error, render cannot continue, missing textures. Maxwell works fine with a simple scene.


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Hi Marty,


Welcome to the Forum!


Use the Map Texture tool (not Edit Texture) at the FACE level to assign any texture other than Best Match (i.e., you can assign Flat, Cylindrical, etc).


That will create a separate Texture Group that will then Edit independently of the other faces on the object.


Does that help?

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