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Importing outside models


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Can anyone point me in the right direction? Where do I find info about importing outside models. I've purchased a car from turbosquid and of the 8 formats offered, it appears the only 3 formats that FZ recognizes are 3DS, OBJ and LWO. I've imported each of these formats and each one imports differently. Mainly the texture maps. I've ticked the import texture maps box when importing, then went and selected each texture map as FZ asks and it still imports as a train wreck. Where do I go to find the proper way to do this because I'm obviously overlooking something. Thanks

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Hi Matt,


There are quite a few problems with these files.  


1.  The JPG Map files are saved with the Progressive Compression, which is only intended for web use.  Resave these as JPG files using the Baseline (standard or optimized) compression option.


2.  Of these files, the OBJ file is the best to use.  The others have "additional issues."


3.  When you Import the file, everything (including the ground plane) is joined into a single volume.  Separate it into individual objects, and use the Project Doctor to Fix the Inverted (inside out) objects.


The "extra mirrors and body trim" are options and are expected to be in "exploded" view -- but they can be moved back to the body of the car if these are desired.


Does that help?

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