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I have lost the ability to lock plane to the chosen face


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Hi guys


Have I done something weird?!?


I know that when you change an object ie, reshape, group it together etc you lose the parametres but I seem to have lost the use of my F5 shortcut so I cannot chose which face I want to create a new object on and then lock to that face?!


Saying that, the shortcut is working as the icon changes between on and off when I press F5, also If I create a new object then I can chose which face on this new object?

Is it because the objects have been reshaped etc?


Have attached the fmz file


Thanx guys

Sammi  :) 

4 x 4 04Feb.zip

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hmmmmm I have done something weird because I can't snap to points either?!?!


I have created a new object and want to sit it on top of the existing lintel but i can't snap it from point of the new object to point of the lintel!

Did I do something really silly like press 2 shortcuts at once or something?!

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Hi Sammi,


Just check your Objects Palette -- as noted by the "green dot" column, you have turned off the snapping for all objects in the file.  Just right click that column, choose All Snappable, and your snapping will be restored.

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