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Independent Scale in FZ8


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Dumb question - Im currently making my move over to Fz8.0.2 from 6, but I'm really having a hard time dealing with scaling an object in 8.  I can't seem to find how to numberically scale something in FZ8.  In 6 all i had do was choose independent scale/ Scale by absolute value...  where and how do you do that in 8?  I do see those values when i create a simple object in 8 - i.e a cube - but once i modify or reshape that cube all that absolute scale info is gone. 


Thanks for your help!

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Hi Bergs,


Welcome to the Forum!  The ability to scale an object based on the size of its bounding box is now part of the Transform tool:




(These options will appear as soon as you click on the object.)  Does that help?

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