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Bump, fabric effect


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Hi guys, me again with another maybe silly question!


As you see from my 2 attached files, I have played around with a bump, fabric effect but when rendered the effect looks so different and no where near as strong a 'bump' effect as when I view in the decal area.

I know I have to play around to get the effect I want but I thought it would look something like the material I created?!


Thanks again in advance for any replys

Sammi   :) 

Fabric effect.pdf

Fabric effect rendered.pdf

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Hi Sammi,


It is difficult to answer your question with only the PDF files.  (If you upload JPG files, you can see them directly in the post without having to download and open them in another program.)  Please post or email your .FMZ file so we can help.

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Hi guys


I was going to upload a fmz file so you can see what I am trying to do here but it says I am not permitted to upload this kind of file?


Tech, should I be emailing it to you instead of uploading it to here?



Sammi  :) 

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