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v6.7.3 Draft on 10.14

marc morgan

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back to formz forum after a long absence. salutations. 

my question is, Is  anyone using this older version - v6.7.5 on  mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) and if so is it stable.

i currently do all my drafting in this version running on high sierra 10.13.6 (2012 mac pro) which is bullet proof and exceedingly reliable. 


the  formz v9.2 i've installed on the same osx ( 10.13.6) doesn't play that well with same -  a number of graphics related issues

although its not unworkable (and understandable considering the period of time and number of osx released since. im a dinosaur in a digital world)

but in the time i need to learn the new aspects of v9 draft- layout etc, i still need the old v6 version to operate, so i continue to generate work. etc etc. 

anyone got any experience of v6 on mojave ? 

thanks in advance. 




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