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Referenced File Keeps Moving

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I have just started using Reference Files. In this instance I have referenced a building into a site model. I then moved and rotated the referenced building to the required position. All looks good so far. However, after a while the referenced building moves to another position in the model.

I must be doing something wrong however, I cannot track it down. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just import the building as a component.

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I have had similar problems when copy/moving a referenced object. If I copy/move a referenced object 12" it displays as such, but after a save, close, and re-open the move is then 24". I am very careful to get referenced objects all properly placed and then save and close. If there is then any movement, re-locate objects and I am good to go. Maybe this will help?


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Thanks for your reply Gary.  Your feedback confirmed what I thought.

Reference Files works differently in FormZ to what I am used to in other software. For me I can't see any benefit for using Reference Files. Components is what I should be using in FormZ unless someone can advise differently. 

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