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Exporting from FormZ 9.1.0 to Sketchup: Layers to Groups?


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Hi Everyone,

I may need to be using SketchUp more often in the future.... but still much prefer to build my scenes in FormZ!  

Does anyone have a good method to bring a FormZ model with layers over to SketchUp and have the layers

come into the SketchUp model as groups?  I've been testing exporting from FormZ 9.1.0 to .SKP format...... in option settings

I tried "grouping method....Layers, or Materials, or Objects..." but regardless, when I open the exported file in SketchUp Pro 2021,

the geometry seems to be ungrouped, there's just a single object in the outliner, and it won't expand. (When exporting, I've tried both to SKP 2020 and also older versions, it doesn't seem to matter.).  Any ideas on how to do this?

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