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FormZ Layout print problems

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Does anyone else find FormZ Layout almost useless when trying to print detail drawings? I am an exhibition designer and use FormZ for modelling. I then use FormZ layout to create the plans and elevations from my 3D models. I create an A1 page using the templates, I then create my 'frames' for the elevations and plans, add dims etc. The biggest and most problematic issue I have is when trying to create a PDF of the A1 page of the drawings.

Microsoft do not provide A1 as an option when using 'Microsoft Print to PDF' it only goes up to A3.

I have tried many different PDF software alternatives like foxit and sodapdf, and FormZ layout does not play well with either. The only software I find sort of works is Adobe PDF. Apart from one major issue.

The lines. When viewing in on the formZ layout screen, they look fine, but when you try to print to PDF, all hell breaks loose.

1. Dashed lines become solid lines, solid lines dissappear 

2. dashed lines change in they're appearance so tha tthe dashes are sometimes larger 

3. curved lines are not curves but straight lines connected at angles 

4. lines that are meant to represent two surface in-line with each other show gaps.

Please see attached image to demonstrate what I mean.

I have tried turning 'use print line weights' on and off, but this doesn't solve my issues

Please can anyone help?





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