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  1. Hi all, I am having difficulty with the new Form Z Layout in which the horizontal dimensions are coming out incorrect for some reason and I cannot work out why. I have attached a picture if anyone can shed light on why this is happening? Thanks, Darren
  2. Hi all, Currently when I choose rotate, I can only rotate from a chosen axis. This is problematic when trying to rotate an object not in-line with an axis. It would be super useful if I could rotate any object using a slected plane as origin for the rotation...Any ideas?
  3. Does anyone else find FormZ Layout almost useless when trying to print detail drawings? I am an exhibition designer and use FormZ for modelling. I then use FormZ layout to create the plans and elevations from my 3D models. I create an A1 page using the templates, I then create my 'frames' for the elevations and plans, add dims etc. The biggest and most problematic issue I have is when trying to create a PDF of the A1 page of the drawings. Microsoft do not provide A1 as an option when using 'Microsoft Print to PDF' it only goes up to A3. I have tried many different PDF software alternatives like foxit and sodapdf, and FormZ layout does not play well with either. The only software I find sort of works is Adobe PDF. Apart from one major issue. The lines. When viewing in on the formZ layout screen, they look fine, but when you try to print to PDF, all hell breaks loose. 1. Dashed lines become solid lines, solid lines dissappear 2. dashed lines change in they're appearance so tha tthe dashes are sometimes larger 3. curved lines are not curves but straight lines connected at angles 4. lines that are meant to represent two surface in-line with each other show gaps. Please see attached image to demonstrate what I mean. I have tried turning 'use print line weights' on and off, but this doesn't solve my issues Please can anyone help? Cheers, Darren
  4. Hello, A fairly long time user of FormZ here. I have FormZ 8 pro, which is your latest version. I still however am plagued with bugs on a daily basis. I just want to get my head around why this is? I've never experienced this kind of issue with other packages I use such as Cinema4D and the Adobe suite. Why is it the case with FormZ? Its so frustrating as with all the bugs its ones of my favourite packages and i'll keep using it for its great flexibility and ease of use, nothing compares. But the bugs!!!! 1. Importing an object deletes any object currently selected in the scene. Why? Why would this even be useful in any circumstance? 2. Very often, when i delete an imported object the vector lines remain in line view, which comes up in any print or viewport even though it is deleted! and it doesnt go if you save, close and open again! its still there, I have to copy everything over to a new file! Happens daily. 3. Having to change my project settings every time I start a new project. Why cant it remember I like to work in mm? Why would I need to change metric systems regularly? 4. Clicking on a FormZ Pro file and FormZ layout tries to open it. I've tried setting pro as the default application but it doesn't stop this. 5. Changing the .pdf print/save size in FormZ Layout doesn't change the print size! You have to do it like 3 time before it eventually actually print/saves the correct pdf size (even though in the small viewport showing preiew it shows it should print correctly). 6. In layout, when printing/saving your layout drawings as .pdf, in the printed/saved document - some of the dimensions are not in line with the arrows and numbers! Its often slightly off line. Why? Its like a love/hate relationship. I wish it worked better in many ways, but it does something amazingly well. I just wish these little bugs could be ironed out so it can be the amazing software it is so close to being!! Thanks, Darren
  5. DKellitt

    Saving project settings

    Hi all, My apologies as this must seem rather simple. I cannot work out how to save my adjustments to project settings. So currently i'm having to repeatedly do it every time i open FormZ. (changing the units to mm for example). I am assuming there is a way to save them? Because I cannot see anything within the project settings box. Thanks in advance
  6. DKellitt

    FormZ 8 numerical entry problem

    Numerical entry seems to work fine when using off-setting lines, its seems to only be when using resize tool
  7. Hi All, I have come across an issue with FormZ 8 which I have just started using. When using the reshape tool, once I have clicked the surface and dragged I usually type in the specific amount and press enter. However this isn't happening for some reason, I type in the number, it shows in the box, I press enter but the amount stays at whatever figure my initial drag with the mouse did. It doesn't correct to my typed in amount. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  8. Hi all, I have a problem with my scale when exporting a 2D image. I create a 3D object and change view to Axonometric 45 degree by 45 degree. Once exported as illustrator file I open in Corel Draw and re-scale size to whatever I need say 1:10 for example. But I am finding when measuring that the vertical lines scale correctly yet the horizontal lines do not. Shouldn't all the lines scale correctly at these settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm finding the amount of support received through this forum a massive surprise, really thank you all for taking the time to help me. Yes setting the interface to longer delays has sorted my auto-complete issue and I didn't realize you could move the guides! doh!! haha great that's sorted that issue out. Thanks again to everyone
  10. Hi all, I am thinking of purchasing a Surface pro 3 for my design work and wanted to know if FormZ can be used with the surface? and if so in what capacity? I have seen that Zbrush7 is fully supported with stylus integration as well as adobe suit and some CAD software. But does anyone know if FormZ supports this? If so how well? If not, are they planning to? thanks
  11. Thanks Des. Yes I can see the issue being moue sensitivity, although my mouse isn't set to a high sensitivity it does seem to be the issue that when the mouse moves it effects the value i'm inputting. I will just have to make sure the mouse is completely still when inputting values! and thanks for the answer regarding camera rotation that has worked perfectly. I have one other issue I forgot to mention I wonder if you can help me with, or anyone else out there. I am struggling to find a way to precisely cut out an element form another shape. Example: I want to cutout a small circle at 15 radius and 10mm deep from a door shape I have made, to create a handle indent. I want to place the circle centre 200mm from top and 50mm from edge. How do I mark this point so I can add the circle precisely? I have tried using guides but there doesn't seem to be a way of offsetting a guide from edge by a value, which would be useful. I can use offset segment but this creates a line which I don't want and can't seem to get rid of once i've created. thanks again for your help!
  12. Hi all, I am a relatively new user and am finding a couple of issues which are annoying me and wanted to know if i'm doing something wrong. 1. Whenever i'm sizing a shape and I want to type in the exact size, as I type the number, FormZ only picks up say the first one or two numbers then automatically accepts that size. So for example if i wish to type in 2500mm, I click on the box for width, then as i type it in, FormZ automatically accept on 25 then the remaining inputs of 00 get ignored, and i'm left with an input of 25mm. I know this is a small thing but it happens every time and it is highly irritating. 2. I am finding it difficult to center the camera around one specific shape so that I can rotate around that shape. I read somewhere to click center wheel on mouse twice when highlighting shape, but that doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks all and look forward to hearing from you